Wildlife Vet Work
Through My Eyes

The nitty and gritty of being a wildlife veterinarian.

What is Wildlife Vet Work? Well, it is about catching wild animals safely and with as little stress as possible. We can track them after putting tracking devices on, we can translocate rhino to strange places, we can deal with snares and treat wounds, we can use applied field research to better understand diseases and we can use Health, especially using a One Health approach, as a means of improving conservation outcomes. The nitty and gritty of being a wildlife veterinarian as depicted in Through My Eyes is reflected in fieldwork in big landscapes, intact ecosystems, true wildernesses and with free ranging, wild wildlife and, ultimately rural people. The author’s focus and philosophy has always been to adopt a big vision approach, holistic in nature and always with a finger on the pulse and eyes wide open.
Wildlife Veterinary work is multi-faceted and is not just a romantic view of a vet, dart gun, drugs and let us go! Through My Eyes emphasises the role of a veterinarian working in a holistic environment, working with single species is fine but more emphasis must be placed on looking at populations within big landscapes, considering the entire health of the ecosystem. People and their health in the broadest sense, matters when it comes to applying veterinary skills in a wild environment. Wildlife Vet work should be an “out-of-the-box” endeavour.

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