Through My Eyes – A riveting book

Through My Eyes depicts a professional journey taken by wildlife veterinarian, Dr Michael Kock, over several decades. It is a coffee table sized book, 600 pages, 1400 colour photographs, which provide a powerful visual journey of conservation and biodiversity challenges in Africa and globally. Serious issues are discussed but there are also several delightful stories to provide a balance within the bigger picture.

The author’s journey is told through photographs and text, interwoven in such a way that the reader sets off on a journey visiting 3 continents and travelling across Africa. The reader will see the stark realities of trying to practice Conservation in a challenging world. Under the Conservation umbrella lie people and communities, their livelihoods, stunning biodiversity within protected areas, wildlife under threat, health and disease issues, poverty and inequality. The book has 14 Chapters, journeys through 14 African countries and globally. The story is driven by the mantra: “a picture is worth a thousand words” and here are some examples of the power of pictures in telling a story under 4 seminal headings.

“Through My Eyes will surely enthral anyone with an interest in African travel, wildlife and conservation. At 600 pages, it’ll hold a very prominent place on the coffee table. Download the book review.”

Craig Rix
Travel Africa

Through My Eyes

This remarkable autobiography by wildlife vet Dr Michael Kock is compelling reading for all who are interested in the sustainability of our planet.

This is a unique publication with a powerful narrative reinforced by stunning photographs taken by the author, who has made his professional career into a powerful tool to influence and educate the world about the challenges our planet faces. As rich in content as the biodiversity it describes, this story is about making a difference and is an inspiration to all, not just to those about to embark on a veterinary career for whom it will set new benchmarks for their aspirations.

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“If you want to know what life can look like as a wildlife vet, then this book is a must-read. Michael Kock’s book is a comprehensive retrospective of a life truly lived. When you choose a path like the one Mike has spent his life traveling, the stories and images find you. He has witnessed and experienced things that would make even a National Geographic photographer envious. And all of these intimate experiences are documented in Through My Eyes.”

Thomas P. Peschak
National Geographic Photographer