Biodiversity and Landscapes
Through My Eyes

The beauty of our World.

The journey Through My Eyes will open up your eyes to the beauty of this planet we live on. But under this beauty, we live in a troubled world, threats are numerous to the natural world from habitat loss, mining, dam building, illegal wildlife trade, poaching, unsustainable bushmeat harvesting to climate change denialism. Beauty on the surface but cracks in the foundations. We seemingly use the wrong cement mix over and over again, not learning from but repeating our mistakes, as the natural world crumbles. Politicians and some NGOs seem to reflect this in spades.
Through My Eyes is a beautiful book, photographs will do that to a book and many of the most resilient coffee table books are those full of beautiful photographs. The mix of landscapes and biodiversity, discussions on geopolitics, real world problems with poaching and illegal bush meat harvesting, the linkages with people, health and conservation and the fun of being a wildlife vet in wild places are highlighted in Through My Eyes. The power of advocacy, the power of pictures and storytelling, going hand-in-hand.

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It is time the World woke up!