Paula Wood for the book design and website
Kathy Sutton for copy editing
Les Martens and SA Media Services for managing the project, printing, shipping and online sales in Africa, and still smiling
Peace Parks Foundation for the country maps
Wildlife Conservation Society for the opportunity to work in a myriad of African countries
The Royal Veterinary College, University of London and School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis, California, USA
All Zimbabwean colleagues who go about their daily lives and keep moving forward despite forces trying to push them backwards. Zimbabwe holds a special place in Through My Eyes.
IWVS, Rick Clark and Dave Jessup, true champions, friends, veterinarians, conservationists, managers, a VW fundi and an XMan.
To the Internet, Google and Wikipedia, for keeping me honest and knowledgeable, what a resource!
Family (Joan, the matriarch, Egmont, Kathy, Luke and family, Richard, Lee and family, Uncles, Aunts and cousins), friends and colleagues, too many to mention individually, thanks for your friendship and support.
Photography: Thanks to Carlton Ward jnr, WWF, Daniel Rosengren, and some anonymous picture takers for providing key photographs.
Video: Thanks to Ronet van der Walt for video production, Phil Mathews, Mark Spangler, Keith and Colleen Begg for Go Pro footage.

To any entity and person who I have forgotten, thanks!