Through My Eyes will surely enthral anyone with an interest in African travel, wildlife and conservation. At 600 pages, it’ll hold a very prominent place on the coffee table. Download the book review.

Craig Rix – Travel Africa

“Dear Mike
Many thanks for your amazing book: you are such an inspiration! Amazing pictures and stories. This makes my heart very happy and keep the passion I have for my job alive.”

Estelle Rousselet (France)

“Hi Mike
I just wanted to complement you on your work with Through My Eyes. I am now through the first chapters and I can really see the passion shine through, very happy with my purchase!
I wanted to ask you quickly, if you mind if I do some advertising for you? I will be speaking at some faculties around Europe, and I believe every student aspiring a wildlife career will benefit a lot from reading your life's work!”

Jonas Spruyt (Belgium)

“Hello Mike
The book arrived (already a week ago, but I hadn’t time to write the email, sorry). It’s beautiful!”

Stefania Vanneti (Switzerland)

“Hi Mike
Two of the books were delivered yesterday by Ryan en route to Mutare. Your work is exemplary. Very special. I have only glanced through. I gave one to a final year OP student as a gift and plan to give another 5th year OP student whose folks teach here at Falcon. Imperative we keep wildlife conservation alive and veterinarians are in the front line.”

John McTaggart (Zimbabwe)

“Hi Mike
Yes, I did receive the books, thanks. I really enjoyed flipping through them: a real trip down memory lane in so many respects! Really enjoyed the photographs as well: wish I had been so diligent about carrying cameras around, but fear that in recent years I have often not, just sick of the weight and inconvenience. Because of that, have now bought an Olympus setup…we have done a deal with them for the camps. Quality is not as good as my 5D, but the quality of the latter is of no use to me if I have left it at home because of its size/weight! And of course the quality of cell phone cameras is now such that surprisingly good images are possible, except where a zoom is needed (and I see even that is being provided for in the latest iPhone and Samsung S10, although the quality will obviously never match that of a full frame lens).”

Derek de la Harpe (Wilderness Safaris, Botswana)

“Brilliant book! Love what you’ve done. What an epic journey!”

Mike Papageorge (Helfin Investments, Pretoria, South Africa)

“The book I got is so, so beautiful and so packed with information. I honour people who make significant changes to the world we live in.”

Leon Glanville (Bishops School, Cape Town, South Africa)

“So sorry for my delayed answer ... . Chris’ sister came to deliver it a couple of weeks ago and we were absolutely overwhelmed (as she was with the weight in her hand luggage!!) and so impressed with the result! What an amazing piece of work you have accomplished with such a strong and fabulous message! No doubt it will be an inspiration to many vets and other students..or adults in need of a purpose in life.
The pictures are simply beautiful and the way you’ve inserted all those messages in a subtle manner are an incredible accomplishment. We were quite amazed that the whole project took you only months, rather than decades, to be completed!! But obviously you had this project in mind for some time.
Thanks also for including us in this venture and we truly enjoyed seeing these beautiful pics of Vamizi with wonderful memories of your stay there!
Now what next do you have in mind..?? Another book, a speaking world tour, a movie… or all of those?? Let us know but keep in mind that there is another beautiful part of the world that you have not explored yet with the Pays Basque!!”

Dr Julie Garnier and Chris Cox, Odyssey Conservation Trust

“Many thanks for sharing your unique and inspiring story of dedication and devotion to the wildlife and wild places of a continent that needs people like you.”

Paul de Montille (Dete Animal Rescue Trust and Hwange Leopard Project)

“Lock-down here in UK has given me the chance to read your wonderful book from cover to cover. What a wonderful depiction of all your achievements and how well the text goes with all your super photos. It is a fitting tribute to all you achieved and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will do so again and again. It brought back so many memories of our happy time in Zim. One regret that I still have was not joining you when you went to do some work in Mozambique and I had a problem getting a visa!”

Dr Euan Anderson (Retired Veterinarian and Disease Specialist)