Through My Eyes

People DO matter, poverty limits choice, inequality creates resentment.

Communication is vital, needs to be effective and focussed on people who live amongst or alongside wildlife. We need to care about people’s wellbeing and health, promote good, responsible environmental stewardship through support and education. Sustainability is key.
Through My Eyes emphasises the need to look at health across ecosystems, with the people and natural communities that live in these ecosystems and this can be achieved through a One Health approach. The combining of resources from the fields of human and veterinary medicine, ecology, wildlife management, business and so on and so forth, will have greater chance of long term success and a win-win for people and nature.

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Communities and conservation

How important communities are to conservation is not rocket science but what can we as Wildlife Vets do to help to reinforce this? As an example, chickens are a livelihood option that often makes the difference between being below the poverty line or above it. Affluent western societies often fail to grasp the importance of simple things in people’s lives in the developing world. By helping communities take care of their chickens, supporting vaccination programs against Newcastle disease and you win hearts and minds.

The Newcastle disease virus is one of the biggest killers of community chickens in Africa but very preventable through vaccination. Chickens matter, they produce eggs, can be eaten on occasion and traded to buy staple food or pay school fees. Helping to improve husbandry, improving vaccination programmes, building better housing to reduce predator losses and make the link between healthy livestock, protected areas and healthy ecosystems, all contributes to a win-win situation.